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The Importance of the Blogosphere

At a recent Internet Advocacy Roundtable held by the Internet Advocacy Center, the subject was "engaging the blogosphere." The internet, of course, is an important and useful vehicle for getting your issues and news heard by millions of people as quickly as possible. And blogs are emerging as useful sources of news, especially news that isn't or won't be covered by the mainstream media.

That's why it can be important to not only have a blog, but get your news covered by blogs. Even if you don't have the time or the effort to create a blog for your own organization, you should find blogs covering your issues. Matthew Stoller, co-founder of Blogging of the President (BOPnews.com), explained that there are different communities of bloggers on the internet; find the blogosphere your organization can relate to. One great site for searching blogs is Technorati.com. You can search for blogs covering certain issues, talking about the latest news stories or maybe even featuring your own organization. You can even send your press releases to certain blogs to get your stories covered by them.

Henry Copeland, the founder of Blogads.com, talked about how bloggers work together on the internet. Because of this, advertising on blogs can be beneficial for your organization, due to blogs linking to other similar blogs and the amount of people reading blogs increasing. If you do plan to advertise, Blogads.com is the place to get your ads posted on the most influential blogs. Think of your ad as a mini website or an opening to a conversation. You want to lead people to your site and make people think about your issues. Also remember to change your ad frequently so it doesn't become stale and boring.

One interesting internet success story the Internet Advocacy Roundtable brought up was PETA's profile on Myspace.com. Myspace has become a popular place for everyone from bands to college or high school age kids to singles to post a profile about themselves and link to other people. PETA jumped on the Myspace bandwagon by creating a profile of their own. By doing this, they could instantly link themselves to thousands of other Myspace profiles. They have over 32,000 friends as of now and can quickly send messages and announcements to all of these people, who can then pass them on to their friends and so on. They've effectively created a community of their own, where they can advertise, comment and pass the word on about their issues.

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