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Viral Marketing Campaign to Check Out

Check out the These Come From Trees blog. The blog is the central point of the campaign to encourage people to reduce their use of paper napkins and towels. It's a great example of viral marketing and by subscribing to the RSS feed of the blog, you can keep up-to-date on the project as it moves forward.

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I had to laugh at the nod to "Office Space". (See the picture of the TPS Reports, and "Initech" logo on the laptop in one of the posts from the 10th of March.)

It seems like an idea which would work - it would be particularly great if they could get some corporate sponsorship for the project.

Imagine the possibility: A paper manufacturer sponsors the stickers and as a result they can be distributed freely... But in return they get their company brand on the sticker.

The environment wins because the sticker goes to more people (and therefore saves more paper)...

...and the sponsor wins because they are advertising their brand as environmentally conscious in a prominent place in people's own work environments.

Plus it would improve the chances of this viral campaign going "out-of-control".

Posted by: Brent Hodgson at Mar 28, 2007 5:25:38 AM

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