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Spamming Your Media Contacts?

Here is an interesting article exploring the anti-spam legislation impact on communication staff. It seems to be leaning toward the conclusion that media pitches are not spam. However, (it worth a read ( Full Article ).

I also thought that the story brings up a few really points to avoid getting deleted as spam.
We have blogged before on email formats (other rants on email) but it is always good to remind our members that there are "rules" to email and "best practices" weather you are sending an email to a journalist or a member.

“We're very concerned that our e-mail pitch material may be considered spam, and we're taking active measures to avoid these challenges going forward,” Wrisberg says. “When pitching a story to the media via e-mail, our team has been instructed to identify the story and pitch focus in the subject line of the e-mail. We've also asked our team to include closure communications as footers to all e-mails.”

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