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Dark Sites | Public Relations at the Flip of a Switch

In today's media frenzy issues are suddenly "discovered" in midst of crisis. Advocacy professionals need to think ahead. How can you knock you opponent when they are down? When can you use events to create momentum for policy change? Your opponents are getting ready for you.

Look at AudienceCentral. These guys are set up to control the spin the hour of the crisis. They can immediately launch a new website in response to an incident or issue and link it to your main site. They help the offending corporations position friendly names and pr staff as the central source of information in a crisis. They can instantly record and effectively manage inquiries from the community, media, agencies and elected-officials. They end run around other sources of information so that they flood the media market and directly inform stakeholders. They offer a system is able to withstand 2,000,000 hits per day. The entire company is surviving on building sites that the corporate client hope no one ever sees. (How many big companies you think do this work in-house?)

Do you even have a press room link on your home page?

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AudienceCentral strives to help communications professionals get the right information, to the right people, right now!

To that end, I wanted to clarify that the PIER (Public Information & Emergency Response) Virtual Communications Center sites are built to handle, in excess of 3.5 million hits per day.

Most of our customers are using the system as a primary point of communications for media, the public and other audiences. The secondary use is as a crisis or "dark" site.

This blog looks very informative. Let us know if we can help in any way.


Posted by: Jamie Imus at Jun 1, 2004 11:42:17 AM

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