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Databases (Donor and Media)

This article in the NonProfit Times is a good overview of database issues as related to donors and activists. We think a lot about these issues at GMT and suggest you look at many of these same thoughts across your organization.

NP Times / Special Report:Setting The Record Straight

Does your organization know the truth about database software? No technological item has more impact on the viability of your organization than its database. If it is robust, reliable, and easy to use, it will make accomplishing your nonprofit’s goals that much easier. And if it isn’t all of those things -- you will be at a significant disadvantage. If you buy into the common myths and misconceptions about databases, you won’t be doing your organization any favors or helping it for the long term. You need to start looking at the truths. Truth: Database software should never be viewed as simply an expense item. It is an investment. It is a productivity tool. The return on investment from a good system and the positive impact it will have on your organization cannot be overstated. Truth: Yes, you have a great staff. But it can’t compare with the speed and cost-effectiveness of a database system. And driving them to substitute for a system diverts them from their important fundraising and donor relationship tasks. Unlike a good database system, staff time is an expense item. Today, you would never force your staff to use a typewriter. Similarly, you should never make them handle one of your organization’s core missions, such as fundraising, with index cards and clumsy spreadsheets.

GMT entire business model is built around developing a shared "asset" for the community. Our work is to make sure that your communication efforts are building the community war chest. By providing great services and keeping the communications investments "in house" GMT is working to make sure that the environmental movement slowly builds better community access to better tools.

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