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Pitching Tips

This was worth passing on to GMT members. I have clipped the advice for environmetnal communicaitons staff.

• Put a face to your news—“I like something with a human angle to it—an interesting CEO, product or company that’s impacting people in some way,”

• Bring out the dramatic flair—The bar is certainly higher for smaller companies, .... what your company lacks in market share must be compensated for in pure inspiration......“Drama is always good for a Forbes story.”

• Offer eye-opening news for briefs—.....get extra points for edginess: “Controversy is always good,” she adds.

• Be in the loop—“The best PR people really know their companies,” Brown asserts. “It too often seems like the [PR pro] is merely a go-between.” At the very least, have the basic facts at hand, and patch her through to other sources for higher-level questions immediately, if possible. “If you say, ‘I have to get back to you,’ I’m not impressed,” she warns. “It’s always great to deal with intelligent, well spoken PR people who don’t try to pander or cheerlead,” she adds.

• Pitch: “Email is the best way" ---Bulldog Reporter’s Pitching Tip of the Week

This should be as no surprise but it is always good to hear the drumb beats. Know your stuff, make it interesting, make it easy to cover, highlight the conflicts for the press.

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