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The Day After Tomorrow is Real

The Day After Tomorrow is real. It is a real opportunity to talk about climate change. It is a real opportunity to talk about the failure of energy policy. It is a real opportunity to move messages on climate change.

The Day After Tomorrow: Could Abrupt Global Warming Really Happen?

There are a handful of cool sites doing cool your planet type actions. You can suggest your favorite in the comments.

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I enjoy reading through this informal place. I will surely visit you again to see if anything new appears on it.
Good luck for the future.

Posted by: Kira Marie at Nov 30, 2004 1:48:16 AM

Can’t you just say what you mean? I don’t really understand all this. But I like the way you do it. I can surely learn a lot on your sites. Thanks J

Posted by: Sheila Mee at Oct 8, 2004 3:01:08 AM

Greenpeace has a great parody site on The Day After Tomorrow, named “The Day is Today.” http://www.thedayaftertomorrow.org/. Making a short term campaign site is a smart move because it brings more people to your organization. While many organizations would be uneasy sinking a good amount of resources into a short term project, I think it is a great idea. I wonder what the traffic reports look like... I would like to see how many people go from this campaign site to a Greenpeace site. Anybody from the Greenpeace web team in London out there want to share? Was it worth the investment? Personally I think so but you could make a stronger case for this type of campaign site if you can show that these sites not only supply people with good information about the campaign and the organization but push them to go to the organizations main site.

The only mistake is that Greenpeace is not using Google AdWords. I am sure a lot of people are running searches on The Day After Tomorrow... the only one to get it right is Island Press Blog.IslandPress.org. See the google search or the screen shot here.

Posted by: Eric at May 28, 2004 11:34:02 AM

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