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Raising Money for Communications Efforts

Raising Money from Individuals
Pulling together a group of media savvy volunteers and potential donors can be a big challenge. You will obviously want to send letters to them requesting general support for your organization. However, some folks want to know exactly what their funds will be used for or why you need them to underwrite capacity development at your organization. Please feel free to use portions of the following sample letter to aid in your fundraising effort.

(feel free to grab any language you might need to raise funds for access to communications tools)

Dear Ms. Donor,
Thank you once again for your support in our fight against the needless pollution and destruction of our river. We have had some great victories in our campaign to clear up the riverbanks and establish new public access points to the river for local families. This has been a great year for our efforts and organization. We are now planning new initiatives that will require public signage on outflow pipes and require polluters to set up public signage, phone messages and web site information explaining the contaminants being dumped in the river.

There will be strong opposition to our work. Powerful interests have made it clear that they oppose additional access to the river and will fight all the "right-to-know" efforts that will focus attention on the discharges they release.

Our initial research suggests that the public overwhelming supports our position and views our organization as a reputable voice for the river. Hopefully, this proposal highlights the importance of our campaign and makes a compelling case for your financial support.

We are requesting $100 in support our operations and to underwrite access to the suite of tools we will need during this campaign. Effective communications takes people, training and tools. Your support will help us access the tools we need including:
* A media contact database of all journalists in the state
* An image management system to collect and distribute images of the river. We will need these throughout the campaign including shots of the outflow pipes, degradation of the river and great images of the special places and activities that demonstrate why the river is worth protecting.
* Training content for communications outreach
* An online Press Room for our organization so we can accommodate the increase media interest we are expecting a s a result of the campaign
* Secure online campaign coordination areas for all the watershed groups and activist in the basin.

I look forward to future discussions of this proposal and welcome any opportunity to present our services to your staff and prospective members. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Your Name Here

Including Communications Tools in Foundation Proposals

In the majority of your proposal you will be laying out the need for your campaign and investments in high quality communications planning and roll out activities. However, at some point you might like to add a Communications Tools item that includes your membership fees to Green Media Toolshed. Here is some language you can play with and plug-in to your proposals.

Communication Infrastructure

Effective communications take people, training and tools. Our organization needs access to the basic communications tools for this campaign including access to complete media contact lists of reporters and journalists, an image management systems for complementing news releases with photos and the set up of an online press room for our website.

We plan on accessing these tools plus media training content, polling and opinion research, on line collaboration tools through Green Media Toolshed.

Two years GMT Membership -
Your set up and training time -
Budget for faxing, digital scanning, etc. –

Please feel free to add feedback, additional language for other groups to use and other fundraising tips in the comments section.

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