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Media Reform and the Media System Crisis

Ever wonder why it can be so difficult at times to get your issue out there and have the public actually listen and care? One reason for this frustration is the decline in the quality of journalism. At a recent Brown Bag Lunch Speaker Series given by Moving Ideas (http://www.movingideas.org/), this was a topic of discussion. Ask the average person about JLo and he or she can count off how many husbands she's had. Ask the average person about the depletion of salmon in the Columbia and Snake Rivers, and you'll probably recieve a blank stare. The public cares more about celebrity trials and marriages than they do about the environment. And this is because of what the media reports.

Craig Aaron and Ben Scott from Free Press talked about the crisis in our media system. With the onslaught of media consolidation, powerful media corporations are deciding what is news and what isn't. They decide when we recieve certain information and when we don't. Free Press is working to reform our media system and educate the public on media policy problems. Visit www.freepress.net for more information on media reform activism.

As our world becomes more and more interconnected, it is imperative that any kind of development takes into account basic environment, economic, and human rights, while defining corporate and personal responsibilities.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism (www.journalism.org) recently posted their annual report on American journalism. It's interesting to see the direction media has taken with the rise of blogs and internet news sites.The State of the News Media 2005 breaks down the research by media sector. It's a great source to sift through to see what news outlets are on the rise and which ones are the decline. If you know the audience you are looking to reach, it's good to find out which outlets those audiences are more apt to tune into.

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