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More Social Networking Tips

The recent New Organizing Institute panel discussion on social networking sites gave attendees some great tips for how to go about using these sites for organizing and to increase their organization's profile.

Scott Goodstein form Catalyst Campaigns handed out a useful tip sheet that explained why progressives should be taking advantage of social networking: These networks are "a way to disseminate information quickly in very simple terms that can be broadcats over and over again." They are yet another way to get your message out to your supporters and motivate new supporters to become involved.

If your group decides to start using social networking sites, some things Catalyst Campaigns says to remember:

-These sites are about building a base of friends and spreading your message to new audiences.
-You will only get out what you put in. Take time to spruce up your profiles and keep it up-to-date with fresh content.
-You need to let your supporters and other groups know what sites you are on, whether through your e-newsletter, on your website, or through word of mouth.
-Make sure to add links back to your organization's website so people will be compelled to visit that.
-Allow your friends to comment without approval. Just like a blog, you should allow positive and negative. You can always delete anything offensive if you need to.
-Use the search tool frequently to find other groups and other people with similar interests and add them as friends to build your base.
-"Make a bold statement - if it is not passionate - people will not forward it!"
-Remember that anything you post on these sites is fair game.
-Again, keep it fresh. Once you stop updating (changing your layout, adding blogs posts or action items, etc.), friends may lose interest and people will stop visiting your page.

Now go start networking!

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Some good tips.

It's quite easy to integrate environmental issues into social networking sites. For example, here is a Carbon Offset network growing on Ecademy and MySpace.


You will always find a lot of people that are passionate about environmental issues within existing social networks.

Ecademy, for example is a UK-based, but global business network. Not only will you find an audience, but you will find new contacts, new resources and also new customers.


Philip Calvert
Author, Internet Marketing and Social Networking Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Posted by: Philip Calvert at Mar 14, 2007 11:49:21 AM

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