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How to Pitch Blogs

I recently attended a training held at the Leadership Conference for Civil Rights office, the first of the C-Team's Third Thursday training. This training focused on the ins and outs of blogging and had some great tips on how to pitch your news to bloggers.

Adam Green fromMoveOn.org explained that bloggers should be seen as activists and strategic partners. Blogs are so effective because they band together as a community and are able to make news that way. George Allen's "macaca" incident was picked up by the news because so many bloggers were writing about it. So when you are ready to pitch to blogs, think strategically. You need to target the right audiences. Who is your audience and what blogs target them? Secondly, don't treat bloggers like reporters. Your goals need to be aligned and you should give them a heads up about your issues or campaign - let them know what you are working towards and how they can help. Finally, legitimize blogs. You can do this by helping them build credibility - bring them the hot news and the breaking news first.

People for the American Way suggested looking at Technorati.com and searching for blogs focused on your issues and see if any blogs have already covered your organization. Try pitching the influential bloggers in your issue field. Invite them to your events and who them you support them.

Jen Mosely of NARAL Pro-Choice America explained the experience they've had from their blog, Bush vs. Choice. She explained that when starting your own blog, it helps to have someone who is knowledgable and commited to your issue. Let your supporters know about your blog and encourage them to start commenting on the posts. Even add a post from your blog in your e-newsletter so your supports can learn more about it.

Tom McCann of the Ocean Conservancy suggested looking at your favorite blogs and figuring out why these are your favorite blogs. This can help you make yours even better. He also reinterated that you need a blogger how is passionate about the issue at hand and has the willingness to devote time to the blog - at least several times a week. Your blog should be quick and easy to read, and employing some humor can always help.

-Yvonne Archer

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