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Should you send your press releases to blogs?

Flickr has a great blog post from plasticbag.org. The author explains his distaste for receiving press releases when his blog is a personal one and he has no desire to help market other people's or company's agendas.

This post made me think about how groups are now using the opportunity to get covered by progressive blogs. If you are going to send a press release to a blog, it shouldn't come across like a press release. And the blog you are sending it to should have a keen interest in what your organization is doing. Does your event or mission go along with the theme of the blog? Can it help the blog author? If it is a personal blog, and you are unsure as to whether the blogger will care, then don't send it. It's also better to know the blogger - and offer to promote their blog in exchange.

-Yvonne Archer

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This is a great point... groups should be extremely cautious when engaging with personal blogs.

One way to try to build a relationship with a blogger is to make a comment on a post the person has done and invite the person to visit your own blog or website.

Posted by: Bobbi Russell at Sep 26, 2007 6:04:22 AM

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