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Deck the web with your best home page...

I just read a simple but very helpful post from the Network for Good which advises groups what elements your home page should have so that a site visitor can what you do and who you are withing 4 seconds. Katya Andersen suggests that every nonprofit home page should have these 8 elements:

1. A guessable URL
2. Your postal address (so you look legit and so people can send you a check if they want)
3. Your phone number (shows you're real, makes you accessible)
4. Email sign-up (so you can cultivate people after they visit)
5. Keyword density (so people will find you via search) - this is so important!
6. Donate Now buttons (on the main part of the page and in the navigation)
7. A pathway for learning more about the organization (a case for why you should donate)
8. Images - strong, emotional ones that are clickable (people expect images to be clickable - send them to your case for giving or your donate form)

I'd like to add a few other elements to this list.
9. An online press room (so general visitors but also reporters can easily get background information and recent news. This link can be called press room, media center, news room, etc.)
10. A staff list with biographies and additional contact information (even if you keep your info@ email address for general inquiries, it's nice to let site visitors know who does what and how staff members got to your group. If your website supports it, add individual photos or a group shot.)
11. A link to help (some folks may not be ready to give money but they may be willing to show up as a volunteer)
12. Financial scoop (let visitors know how you're supported whether it's through grants, memberships, and/or other donations.

Grab Katya's full list and link out to a presentation about online fundraising.

Happy Holidays,
-- Bobbi Russell

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